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Title says it all - An unexpected whopping year later, I'm overjoyed to have finished this.

Now, onto bigger, better endeavors >:]

Animated GIF

2017-04-27 01:36:28 by octochan

5267008_149327111471_Untitled.gifA short unfinished clip from my latest project - feedback is welcome

2017 Animated Trailer

2017-03-23 08:00:16 by octochan



I've just finished the trailer to what I've been working on over the past eight months; while there is still a ways to go until completion, it feels quite satisfying regardless of the fact to get this out :D

I'd be very interested in hearing any critiques or opinions regarding the footage shown in the trailer if anyone wanted to share their thoughts on it as well

Background used in an animation sequence


Very rough animation scene - lots of cleanup, detailwork, coloring, texturing, etc to be added next.5267008_148618481391_Untitled.gif

The textured version of a two-piece background set, to be used in a walk cycle.


A more finished, yet still in-progress animation sequence5267008_148618648731_test2.gif

Below is the textured version of a two-piece background set, to be used in a walk cycle.


Both gifs are in-progress screenshots of animation.


The teaser to the animated short, White Noise, can be found here.

This project has a long road ahead of it; It's been in development for 6 months now, and still has a good few months of work to go.

Official Pilot Teaser

2016-10-18 00:05:43 by octochan



Pilot Teaser

2016-09-06 23:20:23 by octochan




White Noise

Pilot, Digital Art and More

2016-08-08 02:15:14 by octochan

I've been casually developing a Pilot over the past few years, and have recently, in the past month started serious development on it. I dont have any final product on that yet, and I dont want to realease rough animation, art and storyboards just yet, but will be releasing that soon. Also, I'm going to be working on the Pilot with a few other artists, which should raise the quality level of the Pilot a good amount. The Pilot will be the biggest project I've ever worked on, so it will admitedly take a few months to come out with, even though more artists than just me are working on it. Because of this, I'll post detailed updates with pictures at least twice a month on how the project is going. First updates should be shown within the next week.

Also, I've just finished my last pieces of digital art, before putting everything into development on the Pilot. I'll put the art in this thread at the bottom, so it's more convenient to be viewed than going to the link would be.

Lastly, I've taken up a more higher quality animation software to add to the list, to be used on the Pilot. And that would be TVPaint, which I'm liking much better than my makeshift g.i.m.p. and after effects setup for animation. TVPaint makes it loads easier to do frame by frame stuff. So I'm now workingwith TVPaint, After Effects CC 2015, g.i.m.p., Handbrake, and Audacity, which I'm currently enjoying working in. And if anyone has experience in different programs, and wants to share said experience, write about it in the comments if you want! I'td be interesting to read!


The Big Animation Update

2016-06-16 01:57:31 by octochan

Whelp, I havent posted in a bit, so I thought I would shed some light on what I'm currently working on:


I'm making a short h3h3 fan animation as a side project, while I work on a pilot I've been developing. An opening transition scene background is what's being shown above, for the h3h3 fan animation. I don't want to spoil much on either project, so I'll just leave a basic, undeveloped facial animation for the h3h3 thing below.


Anyways, the h3h3 thing should be out sooner than later, and as for the pilot, that's what I'm going to really be spending time on. I'll be providing updates for the pilot in specific once the h3h3 thing has been released.

As always, any comments or opinions are always welcome

Pico's Trip: Picoday Teaser

2016-04-24 17:12:56 by octochan